Silvio Dell'Acqua

Silvio Dell’Acqua, land surveyor, I was born in 1976 in Pavia, a little city in the north-west of Italy. I’ve been growing up in Cura Carpignano, a small village near Pavia, where I still live. I started to draw as soon as I was capable to grasp a pencil. When I was about 14 yers old I’ve been starting to take part in my earlies exhibitions.


My artistic experience ranges from various drawing techniques to mosaics. Moreover, I often work with digital art techniques, which allowed me realising some works on order: for example the logo of the european project HYPER-I-NET (Hyperspectral Imaging Network).


In 1997 I won the literary award “Unitre – Lia Bolocan” for the bests texts written at school. I obtained the Diploma of Surveyor at the Technical State Institute  “Alessandro Volta” of Pavia and then I passed the State Examination in order to obtain the Certificate of Qualification to practise the profession of Surveyor as a self-employed; after that, in 2000, I joined to the Local Surveyor’s Association of Pavia. My occupation as free-lance is in topography, planning, construction site managing, cadastral operations and more. In 2007 I also obtained the qualification to issue certifications of energetic classification of buildings and then I joined the energetic certifiers association of Lombardy region. I’m also a volunteer of the Italian Red Cros with the rank of Corporal.