Nerdy Wharol

┬áThe revenge of subculture on the “pop art”. Digital art, 2012. Avalaible on┬áDeviantART in versions: 9×9, 3×2, 2×2

Genova I & II

Diptych composed of two watercolors that has been painted simultaneously to achieve uniformity of colors and tones.


Il paradiso dei calzini (2012)

watercolor, 25 x 12 cm (11/08/2012) Watercolor painting on cold pressed cotton paper, inspired by a song from the italian singer/songwriter Vinicio Capossela. The handwritten phrase (in italian)…

IMG_2805 RAW_thumb

Cranes procession

acrylic paint on canvas, 40 x 50 cm (july 2012) Palette: cadmium orange, ultramarine blu, titanium white, payne’s grey.



watercolor, 36 x 33 cm (nov 27th, 2011) Port of Genova: a tugboat in the drydock.



watercolor 36 x 24 cm (Aug. 3rd, 2011) buy this print on DeviantART or Imagekind Still life in Salento, watercolor on cold pressed cotton paper. Palette: cobalt blue…



A typical Trentino drinking fountain under sodium vapour lamps light. Palette: Winsor orange red shade, quinacridone magenta, phtalo turquoise, cobalt blue deep. 100% Cotton cold pressed-paper.

Ponte della Becca

Ponte della Becca (“Becca” bridge)

watercolor, 18 x 16 cm (24-nov-2010) buy this print on DeviantART or imagekind The “Becca” iron bridge, built in 1912 on the confluence of river Po and Ticino…



Acrylic paint, 23 x 16,5 cm buy this print on DeviantART or imagekind